Redding California Eagles Live Nest Webcam


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Redding California Eagles Live Nest Webcam
Friends of the Redding Eagles

Friends of the Redding Eagles
Published on 07-12-2020


Will resume when the eagles return in October. Stay tuned for any updates. We will post here.
* LAST DAY FOR CHAT -- Join us for a "Talon Walk Down Memory Lane" in chat Friday, July 30th 6:00 - 8:00 pm PT for our Redding Eagles - End of Season Celebration. ** Thanks to all who attended

🦅7-27 Young Adult Eagle hunting on the Family Tree today and yesterday
🦅7-23 Young Adult Eagle hunting on the Family Tree, report from local photog Mike
🦅7-21 Reports from locals seeing 1 fledgling
🦅7-18 Reports from locals seeing L&G and 2 fledglings
🦅7-17 Glory was perched on Liberty's island this morning!!!
🦅7-16 Glory was perched in the tree on Liberty's Island Friday evening! It flew off & took to the skies soaring higher & higher & higher with a group of turkey vultures! - Check out Terri's recent videos -
🦅7-15 Terri was able to spot Rebel last night, he was soaring and in the Family Tree area!

🦅7-5 UPDATE: All 3 Fledglings seen on gravel bar → See Videos below:
7-2 Fledglings Intimidate Canada Geese →
​7-2 Part 2 Fledglings on Gravel Bar →

* This time now is very important for the fledglings. They are learning so much before they begin their journey (mid-Julyish). Here is a video Terri took of our Honor soaring above the area:

Updates on Terri & Gary's YT channels, Imgur & Facebook links below:
🦅 Terri's Videos -
🦅 Gary's Videos -
🦅 Imgur Channel for photos & video clips -
🦅 Facebook Page -

CONGRATS to Liberty on her 4th triplet fledge (24 total fledges)! Well done Guardian on your 2nd year as an awesome provider!
6-3 Honor Fledge video -
6-4 Rebel Fledge video -
6-18 Glory Fledge video -

July 30 - Honor: 131 days old (3/21) - Glory 130 days old (3/22) - Rebel 128 days old
(3/24) (Avg fledge (first real flight) 80-85 days)

L= Liberty (Mom) G= Guardian (Dad)
🦅7-30-21 NEST UPDATES:

Last nest visit - In case you missed it:
🦅7-03-21 NEST UPDATES: Reports of Guardian bringing prey to nest
🦅6-24-21 NEST UPDATES: 16:19 Honor visits, looking for scraps; 16:25 Honor out (Bullock's Oriole was very pesky);
* Our local Raptor Rescue Angel did not get funding due to cutbacks. Marily rescued 10 eagles & 50 other Raptors in 2020! We call Marily when we need help!
* A link to support local Raptor Rescuer and Rehabilitator →
* Or a check made to SOL (this is a non-profit) sent to Marily Woodhouse 32065 Rock Creek Rd. Manton, CA 96059

Liberty(f) is 22 years old, Guardian(m) is 7 years old.
* Video to distinguish Liberty from Guardian:

Guardian is Liberty's 3rd mate, they first paired up in February 2019 after 2nd mate disappeared.
Liberty's Mates: 1st mate~ Patriot 2004-2013, 2nd mate~ Spirit 2013-2019, 3rd mate Guardian 2019-present.
Liberty has raised 24 offspring from egg to fledging, including 4 sets of triplets '09 -'10 - '15 -'21.
Liberty has built 5 nests since 2005: 2 at Turtle Bay Area in Cottonwood Trees(current nest 90 feet up), 3 at Riverview Golf & Country Club in Gray Pine Trees(alternate nest site).
* 2020-2021 Nesting Season: Eggs laid 2/10, 2/13 & 2/16 Hatchings: 3/21, 3/22, & 3/24

* Link to hundreds of videos of Liberty & her previous mates & offspring:

* Link to article on Redding Eagles in The Guardian:

* Link to our GoFundMe Redding Eaglecam Fund for Maintenance, Upgrades & Monthly Internet Fees:

Donation checks can be mailed directly to:
Friends of the Redding Eagles ( F.O.R.E.)
1857 Trumpet Drive Redding, CA 96003

Camera Model: Axis 5525-e PTZ (pan,tilt,zoom) Eaglecam installed on September 25, 2020 by FORE and funded by donations to our GoFundMe Redding Eaglecam Campaign.

* We are a family-friendly CHAT so please always remember to be kind, respectful & use appropriate language. We have Teachers & Students using our Chat. Please do your best to stay on topic to avoid confusion for other Chatters. We are all here to learn together & enjoy observing these magnificent birds as they raise their family in the middle of Redding, California. The eagles health & safety is & always will be our #1 concern so please know that we are committed to doing everything within our control to keep them safe from harm.

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