Joe Hisaishi - Merry Go Round of Life (Howl's Moving Castle Theme) - Score Analysis

Bruno Robles Rendon

Bruno Robles Rendon
Published on 02-05-2021


Merry-Go-Round of Life is perhaps Joe Hisaishi's most famous tune. It is a waltz that that ushers in the world of Studio Ghibli's movie: "Howl's Moving Castle". I analyze all sorts of elements from this piece including the harmony and form/structure and present it in the form of a score video.

I use my own unique form of Roman numeral analysis that borrows the inversion system from German functional analysis. The bass note is indicated below the Roman numeral (e.g. 3 = 3rd of the chord is in the bass.)

Here is the channel of Mercuzio: the maker of this piano arrangement/reduction

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